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"Tenor Daevyd Pepper and soprano Rebecca Gray, as a sort of slutty schoolgirl witch, are simply hilarious.  Their physical histrionics are matched by some very funny over the top vocals.  This was actually laugh out loud stuff."

-John Gilks/OperaRamblings/2019

"the poet Rodolfo... performed with equal parts strength and sensitivity by tenor Daevyd Pepper... [his] powerful voice filled the room with emotion, bringing some audience members to tears."
- Sharon Tikiryan/ 2017

"Other standout performances included tenor Daevyd Pepper as Don Ottavio. He had a wonderful sound for Mozart, and the elements of the role that are so often tricky for tenors seemed to be right in his vocal sweet spot. I was thrilled that this production included his "Dalla sua pace", which he sang smart."

- Jenna Douglas/Schmopera/2016

"Daevyd Pepper’s Male Chorus was the other really interesting character... by playing him in a curiously deadpan way; careful, limited movements and the schoolmasterish diction that characterised the role’s creator.  Very mature for a young singer."

John Gilks/OperaRambings/2016

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